Thomas Symalla

Thomas Symalla

Thoughts out of my head

20 Aug 2020


I am a Freelance Software Engineer and Consultant with over 12 years of professional experience in various fields. I am passionate about Software engineering, performance and Computer Graphics. My language of choice is modern C++ up to C++ 17. I prefer implementing GUI stuff with the fabulous Qt Framework. I provide development using modern OpenGL and shader programming with GLSL. My GPGPU-related projects are implemented with OpenCL.

I also provide full-stack web development services. I am using Vue.JS with (preferably) TypeScript or JavaScript for the frontend. Backend technologies include Microsoft ASP.NET Core and PHP7 with Laravel Framework. From time to time I write articles for print magazines like the dotnetpro.

I hold a B. Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Hagen, Germany.

When I’m not sitting at my desk, you’ll find me working on improving my Karate, studying math and algorithms or reading.